Amit Shah And Pawan Kalyan To Share A Stage In Hyderabad

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Ever since the BJP-Janasena has allied recently no event was held in collaboration with both the parties. According to the latest information, both Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Pawan Kalyan will be sharing the same stage to participate in a meeting that will focus on clearing all the airs on the controversial CAA.

With the growing backlash from the opposition parties and the Muslim community growing day by day, the BJP is holding these events in various parts of the country to gain support from the Muslims.

Keeping in mind the charisma of Pawan Kalyan the BJP party has chosen to hold the meeting with Pawan and Amit Shah so that the event will have a larger impact on the public.

To gain support on the Controversial CAA the BJP has decided to hold a huge event on March 14th at the LB Stadium in Hyderabad. As Pawan has allied with the saffron party he has to attend this.

Earlier Pawan backed the CAA in his recent meeting held at Guntur and said no Indian Muslims will be harmed with this and if anyone gets affected he will be the one to stand for them.
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