Who Asked Naga Babu About Retirement?

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Naga Babu placed a series of hard-hitting tweets ing the Ruling YCP Leaders recently. He opined, 'Science, Maths & Computers developed so much because of 'Zero'. What can't we say to useless fellows who don't know the value of 'Zero''.

Mega Brother recalled Ambati Rambabu acted in the feature film 'Thokaleni Pitta'. In a sarcastic manner, He praised the acting skills of the YCP MLA and recognized him as a good actor.

In response, Ambati Rambabu thanked Nagababu for reminding him about his acting debut with 'Thokaleni Pitta'. He added, 'I failed as an Actor & retired. You failed in politics...when will you retire?'.

Ambati didn't even spare Pawan Kalyan here. He commented 'Bahu Pathralalo Baagu Baagu' while sharing photographs of PK with leaders of various parties.

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