Amaravati farmers did trading and not sacrifice: YCP MLA

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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan's decision to have three capitals for Legislature, Executive and Judiciary each one for the decentralization of power did not go well with the opposition parties.

Since then leaders of both ruling and opposition leaders are indulging in a war of words on the capital dispute. While the ruling party is backing their move, the opposition side is accusing that YSRCP leaders have purchased lands in Vizag, that's why they have opted to go for three capitals.

Mangalagiri YSRCP MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy made some sensational comments on the capital issue in an interview with a local TV channel and said that the farmers of Amaravati farmers just did "trading" with government and what they did is not a sacrifice.

"If I have one acre of land and I give it to the government free of cost, then you can call it a sacrifice. But the farmers are of Amaravati had not given the land free of cost for the capital," the MLA said.

"How can this be called a sacrifice? It was just a business deal," he observed.

"It is the government's responsibility to see that the plots rates will go up," he added.
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