Amaravati Insider Trading: Focus On Those 700 acres!

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YCP Government offered the responsibility of identifying the Benamis involved in Amaravati insider trading to CID. The Investigation Agency found out that White Card Holders purchased Rs 200 crore worth 700 acres in the capital region. All of these lands got registered in the financial year 2014-15.

As per CID, As many as 797 White Card Holders with a monthly income of just Rs 5,000 per Month bought crores worth lands in Amaravati. How is it possible?

CID SP Mary Prasanthi informed that many of these White Card Holders don't even have PAN Cards. ADG Sunil Kumar told there is concrete evidence to prove Money Laundering had happened in this matter.   

Two Ministers in the TDP Cabinet purchased land from a Dalit Woman misusing their power. A case was registered against P Narayana and Prathipati Pulla Rao based on the complaint filed by the Victim.

CID sought the intervention of Income Tax and Enforcement Departments to find out the big fishes involved in the Amaravati insider trading. Its up to the Central Government to decide what has to be done when the Rulers get too greedy.
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