Allu Arjun's family member came to his producer's rescue?

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Normally, we don't have to use question mark for a confirmed news report. But the problem with this one is that the part where how new group has joined the film production seemed a little speculative.

Anyways, many might have noticed that Muttamsetty Media got co-producer credit for the film, AA20 during Pooja ceremony announcement.

Digging deep to know who they are, we got to know from sources that it is a company belonging to Allu Arjun's own maternal uncle.

They have never been a part of any production company or film production before. Not many know about them as well, as they kept a very low profile.

Now, for this one film they partnered with Mythri Movie Makers to get a touch of production. The need arised for Mythri to welcome a new partner as one of their established members has walked out, due to personal reasons.

We don't know if Muttamsetty Media will continue producing films and stay as a partner in Mythri but they have a 20 -25% stake in the production of this movie, say sources. This part needs official confirmation but none of our sources from production house are ready shed light on it.

Also, there are reports that it is Bunny who advised his uncle to take up the production opportunity for this film when Mythri was on look out for another trustworthy partner.

Like Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo, many thought Geetha Arts will be the other partner but Allu Arjun came up with this new plan and idea say sources. He was behind Naga Babu presenting Naa Peru Surya earlier and now, introduced his other family members to production. Seems like the actor wants to help out his family members with his star status and make them producers as well.

Sukumar has completed the script work and as it is coming from him after Rangasthalam, he took all this time to get the script right, it seems. Movie is planned for a Summer release initially, but it could come out during Dussehra - Diwali period certainly, estimate few sources from production house who are aware of the writer-director's working habits.


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