Talk Of Town: Allu Arjun's BLESSING!

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Foundation Laying Ceremony of Allu Arjun new house was held Today. Bunny took to his social media handle for sharing a lovely photograph of Bhumi Pooja. He also informed that 'Blessing' is the name chosen for his residence.

Few months ago, Allu Arjun moved out of Geetha Arts Office and set up a separate work place. This time, He is planning to build a new residence for his family of four. Which means, Bunny's Family will be shifting from Allu Aravind's Jubilee Hills house after the completion of construction work.

Speculations were abuzz that Allu Arjun took the call to construct a new house after the second marriage of Allu Bobby. With Bobby and his Wife living in the same compound, Bunny felt the need to shift for the sake of more space.

Needless to say, How uniquely Allu Arjun presents himself whether through his films or as a brand name. The manner in which he designed his caravan blew everyone's mind. And now, Everybody is curious to know how his palatial house is going to be.


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