Bunny's Blind Belief For Bollywood Debut

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Prabhas starer Saaho is teaching new lessons to the folks of Telugu films industry. It is now learned that the audience will not accept any film which has no story, no matter how much budget it was made on. On the flip side, Saaho also proved that the scale and grandeur of a film can bring humongous openings at the box office.

Looks like Stylish Star Allu Arjun is fascinated by the second aspect. The actor enjoys a massive following in Telugu and Malayalam industries. Like his contemporaries, he is now trying to expand his market and thus, he is planning to make his upcoming film Icon as a pan-Indian project.

Apparently, Bunny already instructed director Venu Siram to make necessary changes in the script to appeal to the nationwide audience. He also asked Dil Raju to shell out heavy budget for the film and advised him to tie up with another producer to make things easier.

But, one thing that Bunny is failing to understand is that the formula worked in the case of Prabhas because he had given a Baahubali before but Allu Arjun will completely be a new face for Hindi audiences although he has a market on Youtube in terms of the dubbing films. If Bunny still continues to take his dream forward with the same approach, he will end up tasting a failure!
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