All Isn't Well Between Pawan & Dil Raju?

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Dil Raju obtained the consent of Pawan Kalyan for 'PINK' Remake promising him a pay package of Rs 50 crore. Few days after the shoot began, The Top Producer seems to have moved the proposal of paying only Rs 35 crore as the remuneration. Such a drastic change in payment hasn't gone down well with Powerstar. There were even rumours that Pawan threw away his coffee cup when Dil Raju tried to bargain upon finalizing the deal long ago.

Film Analysts say, Pawan Kalyan commands a huge fan following even after the 2019 poll debacle. His films would certainly receive a fabulous opening irrespective of the content and combination. That is why Theatrical & Non-Theatrical Business could easily surpass Rs 100 crore-mark. Then, When does Dil Raju wants to cut the pay for PK by Rs 15 crore?

May be, The Leading Producer might have received indications that craze for 'PINK' remake isn't as expected in the business circles and also among the fans. He might be trying to convince Pawan Kalyan to compromise on the payment to be in a safe zone. There is a possibility of settling for anywhere between 35 to 50 if the negotiations continue.
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