Ali Opens About Acting In Pawan's 'Pink' Remake?

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Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and star comedian Ali share a very close relationship with each other. They both are very good friends and Pawan has a sentiment of including Ali in his every movie whether the script needs or not. Ali is seen as Pawan Kalyan's sidekick in all his movies.

But during the recent assembly elections, differences cropped up between them. Many thought that Ali will be joining Pawan's party but he surprised everyone by becoming a number of YSRCP.

As we know, Pawan is making a comeback in films with 'Pink' remake. The shooting had already started and the leaked stills became viral. There was a rumour that Ali received a call from Pawan to be a part of his film.

Ali recently spoke with an English channel and reacting to this rumour, he said that politics and films are completely different and he is ready to act with Pawan again. He added that he did not get any invitation till now and will definitely be a part of the film if Pawan asks him. There are many people who are waiting for this reunion to happen. Let us see if they act together again or not.
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