New Demand: Ban Prakash Raj From Industry!

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All India Hindu Mahasabha filed a complaint with Karnataka Film Chamber demanding a life-term ban on Prakash Raj for insulting Ramayana and hurting the sentiments of Hindus with objectionable statements. A demand was placed that Prakash Raj shouldn't be allowed to act in Kannada Films anymore. The Organisation even threatened to intensify the agitation if their demand was ignored by the Film Chamber.

In a news channel debate, Prakash Raj raised objection to the practice of Ram-Leela followed in the North India. He found fault with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath bringing Models-dressed like Ram, Seetha and Lakshman from Mumbai in a helicopter for Ram-Leela.

The Acclaimed Actor wondered what is the need of holding such natak in public. He maintained, 'I can't ignore something like that happening as it's like kids watching porn. Neither of them is good for the society. Worshipping in the temple is our culture. Bringing Ram, Seetha and Lakshman in a chopper is something that's not part of our culture'.

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