Ajit vs Sharad: Lessons for our Mama, Alludu

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Sharad Pawar broke the Congress way back in the 1970s to form a government. He had the guts to break way and the wits to form the government.  50 years later, Sharad Pawar's nephew Ajit Pawar had the guts to break away from his uncle but did not have the wits to form the government.  But, another nephew sure must have watched the whole game unfold in Maharashtra.  He is none other than Harish Rao.

That Harish Rao is unhappy with his uncle KCR is well-known. He is also not happy with the way KTR was promoted in the party ranks and how his own influence diminished in the party. Like Ajit Pawar, he too has great personal charisma and wins elections by unimaginably huge margins. He has some leaders like Etela Rajender and Rasamayi Balkishan, who too are unhappy with KCR. There are some more MLAs who can side with him. So, must have been keenly watching the whole game of politics unfold in Maharashtra. But the way Ajit Pawar was outwitted, outsmarted and out manoeuvred must have left him rattled. Any hopes that he may have entertained at rebelling against his Mama, must have been snuffed out on seeing Ajit Pawar's discomfiture.

Of course, Telangana is a different ballgame altogether. Unlike in Maharashtra,  the TRS has unassailable margins. At least over 40 MLAs have to be weaned away if one has to threaten KCR. Unlike Ajit Pawar, who was made the leader of the Opposition in Maharashtra, Harish Rao has no such position to influence the MLAs. After watching the abject surrender of nephew Ajit Pawar to Mama Sharad Pawar, all hopes of our nephew to rebel against his wily mama might have already been dashed.
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