Air India Captain Caught Shoplifting At Airport

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Air India suspended its Captain & Regional Director-Eastern Region Rohit Bhasin for allegedly shoplifting a wallet in the duty free area of Sydney Airport on June 22nd.

Rohit Bhasin was supposed to fly AI301 from Sydney to Delhi within short period after he resorted to shoplifting. Citing pending enquiry, The Senior Commander Caption has been suspended by the Airline Management.

The Suspended Captain told he visited the bags and accessories brand store Tumi for buying a gift for his Daughter-in-Law who delivered a baby. Most of his Family Members are Pilots, be it his Father, Wife, Son and Daughter.

Without the consent of Management, Rohit Basin should neither enter the premises of Air India Limited nor leave Kolkata. In addition, He will have to handover all of his job identity documents.

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