What Will Modi Do After Campaigning?

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What will Prime Minister Narendra Modi do after the last phase of the electioneering is over? With the campaign in Bengal coming to an end 24 hours before schedule, the Prime Minister will simply go into a hiding. Yes. He will be all alone meditating in a cave built near Kedarnath. He will not be accompanied by any associate and will spend time alone.

On May 18, Modi will reach Kedarnath and after offering prayers, he will perform meditation in a cave. This will be Modi’s fourth visit to Kedarnath after he became Prime Minister. On May 19, the day of polling, he would be in Badrinath, offering prayers to Lord Badri Vishal. This will be his first visit to Badrinath after becoming the PM.

Narendra Modi is known to go completely into isolation soon after the election campaign is over. As Gujarat Chief Minister, he used to keep away from public functions till the results are over. But, being Prime Minister, he is combining both personal meditation and official responsibilities during his visit to Kedarnath and Badrinath.
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