After URI, Bollywood Is Looking To Milk Abhinandan Story!

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URI- Surgical Attacks, movie is made on a budget of 25-30 crores but the movie earned a nett of Rs. 228 crores, till date and it is going strong with current situation.

As the Pulwama attacks happened and India launched second surgical strikes at Balkot and wing Commander Abhinandan got captured and released by Pakisthan, Bollywood is losing sanity to register titles and scripts based on them.

Big Production houses are also rushing to Producer's Chamber of Commerce in West Mumbai to register the titles.

It has been like a fish market at the office for registering of titles, Commander Abhinandan, Pulwama Attacks, Balkot and many more related ones, it seems.

The seniors have decided to carefully go through the applicants and then decide on the registration of the entries, it seems.
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