After Radhika Apte, This Actress Also Indirectly Targets The Same Hero!

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Radhika Apte, without taking names, said that she slapped a South Hero, who tried to misbehave with her. And she revealed that the actor immediately, tried to cover it all up.

Later, many connected the dots and tried to say that the actress was talking about one particular hero, only.

Now, even Neha Dhupia commented on the same hero or at least people are connecting the dots to him. She said that when she was on the set for the film, the unit did not let her eat until the hero finished his lunch.

She continued to say that the male patriarchy in South Indian Cinema, just shocked her after that incident. Even when she requested that she was hungry, every person on the set asked her to wait till, hero finishes his lunch, it seems.

Well, she entered the films after winning Miss India Title and headlined a film like Julie. She felt that she took some decisions during the start of her career in desperation to find success.

She is currently hosting few talk shows and in one of her show, Radhika Apte made the comments. Neha herself, shared her experience now. She acted in Ninne Isthapaddanu, Villain and Parama veera chakra, films. You might have understood, how people are connecting her narrative to Radhika Apte's.