After MPs Revolt, CBN Says TDP Will Be Back!

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The other day, Four Rajya Sabha MPs of Telugu Desam Party (Sujana Chowdary, CM Ramesh, TG Venkatesh and Garikapati Rammohan) jumped into BJP. TDP Leadership responded seriously over the defection of Party MPs.  

Responding on the shocking development, Chandrababu Naidu claimed to have strived for the well-being of Telugu People all his life regardless of being in power or not. He added, 'Will continue to do so regardless of being in power or not. TDP MPs joined BJP due to my fight for AP rights...they did so because of their own personal agendas'.

Babu made it clear such crisis situations are neither new to him nor the party. He recalled TDP bouncing back strongly every time when people made statements such as 'TDP is dead', 'TDP is a closed chapter' and 'TDP is buried' just because Leaders are deserting the party. 'We have lakhs of Karyakarthas and crores of Telugu People behind us. History will repeat itself. There is nothing to worry #TDPWillBeBack,' he asserted.

Interestingly, Chandrababu Naidu didn't even mention about BJP in his statement. Is he so scared of the consequences?

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