After Kajal, It's Tamanna! What Is This Chota?

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Chota K Naidu is one of the Senior Most Cameramans in the Telugu Film Industry. He, however, continues to make headlines because of his urge to show how close he is to the Glam Dolls in the Industry. Earlier, Chota dared to kiss Kajal Agarwal on the stage during the teaser launch of 'Kavacham'. And now, He behaved inappropriately with Tamanna in the presence of media.

At the formal launch of 'Raju Gaari Gadhi 3', Chota K Naidu was caught on camera holding the hand of Tamanna tightly. Even the attempts made by the Actress to free herself failed as the Cinematographer was in no mood to leave her hand. Milky Beauty could do nothing other than showing the uneasiness on her face with an unusual smile.

Such kind of behaviour from a Senior Industry Folk is unacceptable. One should behave like a gentleman at least when a bunch of people are watching. Luckily for Chota, Actresses like Kajal and Tamanna doesn't want to make such things a big issue.