Adivi Sesh & Thriller Genre - A Hit Combo!

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Adivi Sesh has become a Minimum Guarantee Hero for Low-Budget Films. A reputation was built to an extent that Adivi Sesh and Thriller Genre is now a hit combo. It all began with 'Kshanam' which was made with a budget of around Rs 1 crore. Then, It's been the turn of Rs 5 crore project 'Goodachari'. And now, The landing cost of 'Evaru' too happens to be Rs 5 crore which include Rs 2 crore paid for remake rights of 'The Invisible Guest'.

Theatrical Rights of 'Evaru' were sold out for Rs 10 crore. This Adivi Sesh and Regina-starrer raked in Rs 9 crore share in the first week itself. It's going to enter profit zone in the second weekend.

PVP who bankrolled 'Evaru' made huge profits. Digital and Satellite Rights alone fetched him Rs 5.5 crore. Which means, He earned Rs 10.5 crore profit with Rs 5 crore investment. It's a jackpot!

After three back-to-back hits, Adivi Sesh is the first hero who comes to mind if it's a low-budget thriller. 'Major' produced by Mahesh Babu will be his next release. This Thriller Hero have two other projects in the pipeline.

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