Adivi Sesh...Why Can't You Ignore It?

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Few Heroes really don't know how to handle success end up making headlines by responding unnecessarily when it's time to sit down and enjoy the success. Seems like, Adivi Sesh is seeking a spot in this category.

Few Social Media handles reported that 'Evaru' falls short of break-even in Overseas as it can't surpass $500K by the end of full run even though reviews and word-of-mouth are positive. Quickly, Adivi Sesh responded: ' Breakeven for Overseas is 400k USD. Babulu..Breakeven about to happen in 2 days'.

Most of the Celebrities could have ignored such social media posts without a second thought. Why the hell did Adivi Sesh even care about the posts on Twitter Handles which aren't even highly popular? By responding, The 'Evaru' Actor made two things happen...Making headlines for wrong reasons & Offering unwanted attention to such Twitter Profiles. Nobody could have even discussed about 'Evaru' falling short of break-even had if he didn't respond.

Not just achieving success, Even handling it properly is an art. When will this Babu learn about it? Time To Grow Up!

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