Why Ram Madhav Met This Former Minister?

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Maverick politician and former minister Adinarayana Reddy of Jammalamadugu is all set to join the BJP now. On Saturday, he and BJP senior leader Ram Madhav met at former’s residence to discuss the modalities of his joining the BJP. Ram Madhav is said to have advised him about his future political moves and is also said to have linked him to the state BJP leadership.

Reddy, whose family has traditionally been with the Congress, has changed sides and joined the TDP and become a minister. In 2019 elections, however, he lost the election and since then, has been trying to find his feet. He has held several rounds of discussions with his supporters about his political future. He is said to have decided that joining the BJP is the best course available to him. Despite his defeat in 2019, Adinarayana Reddy is a strong political leader from Jammalamadugu and his family has enjoyed power several times. Ram Madhav reportedly feels that his joining would help the BJP gain strength in Andhra Pradesh in general and Rayalaseema in particular.

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