Adilabad Turning Into Hindutva Hotbed?

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Is Adilabad district emerging as the newest Hindutva hotbed in Telangana? The indications are: Yes. The BJP saw highly favourable tidings during the Lok Sabha elections when a large number of tribals appeared to have clearly preferred Tribal outfit Tudum Debba chief and former MLA Soyam Bapurao. Soyam fought on a BJP ticket and got considerable support from various sections of the society. The voting pattern surprised many because the wave in BJP's favour was silent, but strong. The polling trends have put Soyam Bapurao in a strong position and he is being seen as a top contender for the MP seat.

Soon after, ZPTC and MPTC elections came and the BJP has fielded a large number of candidates. In a never-before development, the number of candidates contesting on BJP B forms has seen an ,exponential rise. In several constituencies, they gave the ruling TRS a run for its money. In many places, the TRS candidates and the leadership was surprised to see the groundswell of support for the BJP candidates.

Interestingly, BJP boss Amit Shah said that pro-BJP tidings were coming from neighbouring Maharashtra, where the BJP is in power. He said that the good governance provided by the BJP in Maharashtra will have impact on Adilabad. Is Amit Shah's prediction coming true?

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