Actress Madhavi Latha sensational comments on NRC Implementation

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While the BJP party is trying its level best to implement to controversial National Register of Citizens(NRC) in the country. On the other hand, the opposition parties are opposing this act. The Nation is witnessing Violent protests and unrest against the bill. Meanwhile, actress and BJP leader Madhavi Latha made sensational statements on this bill.

Responding to this bill she took to social media to express her views. She said "Muslims who migrated to Belgium from Siriya are now demanding Belgium to be declared as a Muslim Nation. The same way if Muslims from other nations migrate to India, minorities will become majorities". She put up a big post by sharing photos of Muslims indulging in protests and damaging public property.


"It’s a known thing fact that In this world, all the countries that have the majority of Muslims were converted into Islamic countries. That means now there are almost 67 Islam nations, now the Islam groups are asking for more nations. As a part of Egypt already followed Muslims, the people of Belgium have been following the secular thoughts in the past period... now they are facing trouble with giving shelter to the Muslim people who have been migrated from Syria," read her post.

"With unexpected situations, the people of Belgium have lost their faith in leaders who are positive to them and made a Muslim man win with a huge majority in the elections, with this Muslim leaders have tightened their hold in Belgium. What else will be there... Muslim people started doing protests by taking the opportunity".

"At least now the secular creatures in India should wake up. There is only one country for Hindus in the world. That's just India. In the past world is Hindus. Unfortunately due to these secular thoughts, all countries were built to Muslims and Christian religions. We are being cheated by the only country that is now not a Hindu country but secular country. We can't even give a brick place in our home, we are building our country on any of what! Think once. Muslims party won for the first time in Belgium, Muslims in that country are doing the movement to announce that country as the Islamic nation. If we also give our constitution to Muslim leaders in the name of secular, then our India is not far away from becoming Baghdad".
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