Actress Jumps To Death From Terrace

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An Aspiring Actress by name Pearl Punjabi committed suicide by jumping off the terrace of her apartment in Oshiwara, Mumbai.

Pearl Punjabi wished to prove her mettle in the glamour world but wasn't able to achieve what she wanted. This isn't the first instance of the Actress attempting suicide. Earlier, She attempted killing herself on two occasions. Pearl was mentally disturbed and used to fight with her Mother frequently. She might have taken the extreme step due to depression. Police registered suicide case and carrying out the investigation.

As per Apartment Security Guard Bipin Kumar Thakur, 'This incident took place at midnight between 12.15 am to 12.30. There was a huge sound all of a sudden. We assumed somebody might be fighting on the road. I went upstairs to see what has happened. Saw a lady lying on the floor upon reaching the third floor'.

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