TANA Audio Tape: Madhavi Latha Hits Back!

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An Audio Tape released by Mojo TV is creating a sensation in the Telugu Film Industry. It's about the conversation between a TANA Official & Middleman who arranges meeting between Actresses, who come to US for performing in the events of Telugu Associations, & Clients.

During the conversation, The TANA Member spoke about how Madhavi Latha bargained for a better pay to share bed with him. He even spoke about few other Actresses in the Industry in a disgusting manner.

The Channel brought Madhavi Latha into the phone line to seek her clarification. She advised the Channel to verify whether the information they had is true or not before holding any discussion. 'Few Men might boast they had slept with so many. TANA have thousands of Members. Non-sense spoken by two people have been recorded and it's been released as a fresh news. To degrade a Woman, People rely on character assassination. You could know how cultured that Guy is like listening to the manner he spoke,' she shot back.

Madhavi Latha didn't hesitate to say there are actresses who plead Telugu Associations for one chance to visit USA. 'Few Actresses are ready to cooperate with the Organizers. Their desperation is being misused by few middlemen,' says the 'Nachavule' Beauty.

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