Why Anjali Made this Movie?

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Actress Anjali has been going through a lean patch over the last couple of years. None of her films is being clicked in Tollywood and she also started losing out offers slowly. Thus, she pinned all her hopes on the latest flick, Lisaa 3D which released the other day in both Tamil and Telugu.

To be frank, Lisaa is not a new kind of story that we have never seen before. It is the story of an NRI who comes to India to get her mother married for the second time. The supernatural things she comes across during her stay at the maternal village forms the story. First of all, it is a big doubt for everyone why the movie was made in 3D.

Audiences are feeling that it is a waste of money to spend extra bucks for 3D glasses, as the movie doesn't offer any such experience. Such Anjali has faced yet another flop and the industry folks are saying that it would be better if she sticks to normal films rather than trying out these horror flicks.
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