Whom Did Shivaji Blame For YCP Win & Capital Issue?

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Finally, Hero Shivaji came out in open by ending the months long hibernation to express his feelings about the political developments in Andhra Pradesh. First of all, He opined no leader would offer a helping hand when the people are in trouble. He went on to say, 'Kammas will get angry if we criticize Chandrababu. Reddys won't accept if we point fingers at Jagan. Kapus fume at us if we find fault with Pawan Kalyan. Andhrites are in a dire state that they don't even question when so much of damage is happening because of change in capital location. YCP won 151 seats. Nothing to find fault with Jagan, its the mistake committed by people'.

May be, Shivaji isn't able to digest the fact that YCP formed the government by defeating TDP by a huge margin in 2019 Elections. This Faded Actor always wanted to see Chandrababu Naidu retain power but people decided to offer 'one chance' to Yuva Neta.

Shivaji made a hue & cry over the lack of unity among people of AP. 'Only the people of 29 villages in Amaravati are fighting. Because of the capital, Cost of lands in other villages in the region increased. Why don't those people join the movement when YCP is talking about change of capital?,' he questioned.

Does Shivaji wants to create unrest in AP by provoking people to join the agitation? What does he wants to gain from such unethical practices? Its high time to realize Andhrites are clever enough to decide what is right and what is wrong.
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