Senior Hero Daughters Are Behind Our Win - Hema

Actress Hema, after winning elections seemed to have issues with the behaviour of new elected President Naresh and she did say what she felt about him.

She said, "Naresh behaved like he is the ultimate when we were taking the oath. He just won as a president of MAA and without discussing with panel, he shouldn't announce anything.

He did not let me say this and stole mic from me. I got annoyed by his behavior and I will call Spade A spade, no matter who is going go against me.

I might come across as a rowdy, harsh and rebellious person, let it be. I am not going to stop being myself for someone else.

Naresh should have asked us all, the panel members before going to press against Shivajiraja and that whole episode looked like cry for attention, which none of us elected wanted.

I will credit our victory to Rajashekar gari daughters who called to all 800 MAA members and asked to vote for their father and his panel in the elections. Even Nagababu garu's involvement turned the tide for us."