Can Aamir Match An Oscar Winning Performance?

Aamir Khan is renowned actor and let us not mistake that he has a great variety and caliber too.

But the actor is yet times inconsistent as well. He proved that with his last film, Thugs of Hindosthan. He couldn't match to the charisma of Johnny Depp, in a poorly written and made remake of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Now, he is taking on Forrest Gump, a hugely popular novel and a classic. The movie six Oscars in 1994 and even grossed more than 600 Million USD globally.

Tom Hanks won an Oscar for best acting and Robert Zemeckis won best director for the film. Movie even could get Best Editing, Best Visual Effects, Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay Oscars.

Before Titanic, movie became a huge global hit and critical hit too. When such an iconic performance is re-attempted, no matter whoever the actor is.

 Aamir Khan might have a global presence but he is not at the range of Tom Hanks and as an actor too, he at times comes across as one-dimensional in some characters. There are his iconic performances but more film shines than him. We mean to say, he needs writing, making and execution to come good for delivering a performance.

Anyways, he announced the title of his desi version as Lal Singh Chadha and he plays a Sikh in the film. Advait Chandan is directing the film. He made Secret Superstar before.