#MeToo: Aamir Khan Walks Out Of Mogul!

Aamir Khan disassociated himself with the Bollywood flick 'Mogul' which is the biopic of T-Series founder later Gulshan Kumar due to the sexual misconduct allegations on Film's Director Subhash Kapoor.

Way back in 2014, Actress Geetika Tyagi accused Subhash Kapoor of molesting her. A video of Geetika slapping Subhash Kapoor in the presence of his wife went viral few years ago. After Mr.Perfectionist walked out of the project which he was supposed to Co-Produce, This old video surfaced online and led to a debate.

Notably, Aamir Khan took the decision to walk out of 'Mogul' after Geetika Tyagi asked his Wife Kiran Rao on Tuesday whether she is aware that her husband was working with Subhash Kapoor who is facing charges of sexual assault.

Geetika Tyagi appreciated the decision taken by Aamir Khan in support of her. She believes bigwigs taking such a strong stand would motivate more victims to break their silence.