A Flop After Almost A Decade!

Aamir Khan has proved himself to be an undisputed star at the box office from 2008 till date. In between Shah Dukh Khan did deliver a film that outgrossed Aamir film but he lost his way completely with lackluster films.

Salman Khan kept delivering huge money-spinners but never could he cross the collections of an Aamir Khan film. Such is the domination he had on Bollywood market.

Baahubali-2 showed that there is even more room for bigger collections and the actor seems to have aimed for crossing it with Thugs of Hindosthan.

The movie had Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir coming together for the first time. It had a massive budget of Rs. 280 crores. But the movie sunk like a Ship hit by Iceberg on the first day itself.

Right from the trailers, movie did not attract any buzz but many thought the movie will be another Mega Hit from Aamir, just the cut of the trailer was bad.

But the movie ended up with collection drops even on the first day. Still it put up a first day record with 50 crores Nett. Aamir fans are shocked to see their star after delivering such classics is unable to make his biggest film ever enter safe zone.