Aadi Reddy Bhavani's Aggressive Speech In Assembly

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The winter sessions of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly continues to carry the intensity even though the sessions are all set to end today. Both Ruling and opposition parties ed each other with their stands on the schemes.

Speaking in the house TDP MLA Aadi Reddy Bhavani gave an emotional speech. During the Q& A hour, she said derogatory comments were made on her on Social media.

She said her speech on liquor ban became subjected to disgusting and derogatory comments. I have proof of the comments on social media. I did not speak anything wrong, even my family members said the same. They are backing me on this issue.

'Derogatory comments were made on Social Media. I have not entered politics for posts. Since my childhood, my father and father-in-law held so many key positions. I am not new to such positions. I came to politics to fulfill the ambitions of my father Yerrannaidu. Strict action should be taken on people who make derogatory comments on social media,' she said.
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