AR Rahman Expresses Pleasure For Composing An Avengers Anthem!

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Avengers: End Game is releasing on 26th April and Marvel started promoting the movie too. Disney is promoting it worldwide and in India, it collaborated with musical genius AR Rahman for a special song.

Disney India is aiming to penetrate even into the inner circles of markets in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. Hence, they roped in ARR to compose the special song in Indian languages.

AR Rahman expressed great satisfaction about the final track and he said that he wanted to honour marvel fans with his song.

He remarked that even around him he has seen many Marvel fans and got to know how much they get attached to the films. So, he composed a compelling Anthem for fans, it seems.

After Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel and Disney are expecting to possibly to increase the market for Marvel movies in India, for movies that come after Avengers: End Game and Captain Marvel showed that they have a good brand value.

 This anthem, if clicks can remain long in the hearts of fans for Marvel to use it in their future films in India which won't have maximum number of stars who carried the burden of Marvel movies post End Game.