AP's Criminal Naidu Killed By Yogi's Police

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A notorious don with AP origins was shot dead by the tough cops of UP in an encounter on Wednesday. Shiv Shakti Naidu (39), who is famous for robbing actress Shilpa Shetty's husband Raj Kundra of Rs 8 crore and killing several people, has been done to death. The UP police, who are on a mission to eradicate criminal gangs in the state have bumped him off.

Naidu was a terror in both Delhi and UP and was involved in several crimes. He is known to be a sharp-shooter and is known to shoot with both the hands. He is also credited to have killed his own acolytes who developed cold feet while shooting some businessmen. Naidu has been on the run for quite sometime but recently, he went to UP to commit crimes. Yogi government, which is after the gangsters, cordoned him off and shot him death. Nothing much is known about the antecedents of Naidu and about his family members.

Sources say that Naidu was warned not to venture into the UP as Yogi Government is determined to finish off criminal gangsters. But an over-confident Naidu did not pay heed and went to the state. He was found to be moving near Meerut and the police cordoned him off. He died on Wednesday.
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