AP government to conduct comprehensive land re-survey

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AP CM Jagan who has decided to grant new 'Agoryasri cards' to provide more health benefits and to cure diseases and to merge the RTC into government is all set to take yet another historic decision reportedly.

To re-survey the lands of Jaggayyapet of Krishna District a notification was released. This will make the way for comprehensive re-survey of lands after a long period of 120 years. Almost 66,761 acres of land will be surveyed again.

At the time of campaigning, Jagan has promised a speed solution for all the pending land issues and implement re-survey. Keeping his promise Jagan has allotted budget to this. Revenue and survey settlement will oversee the process in the state.

The project will be costing around Rs 2,000 crores and will kick start from Jaggayapet as a pilot project.

The proposed survey will be completed by the end of 2020 March and around 11,158 surveyors were given proper training for this work. We will get more information on this once the government issues an official statement in this regard.
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