AP High Court Likely At Kurnool Or Tirupati

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Is Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy planning to shift the High Court to Rayalaseema? Indications are that he has already taken a decision in this regard. Only a public announcement is all that remains to be made.

The high court at Rayalaseema has been a long-standing demand of the people of Rayalaseema. In fact, as per the historic Sribagh pact, the capital of the state should have been in Kurnool. Since the capital is already set up in Amaravati, the people of Rayalaseema want at least the high court to be set up in any one of the seema district headquarters. But, Chandrababu, who believed in centralisation, did not allow it to happen. Not just that, he even got the agitation crushed using strong measures. Whenever he toured any part of Rayalseema, it was customary for him to get the lawyers arrested to ensure that there is no demand for a high court in Rayalaseema.

But, with Jagan, it appears to be different. He seems to be of the opinion that there should be decentralisation and that the high court should be set up in Rayalaseema. Even the lawyers and the legal staff at Amaravati are not happy with the arrangements at the High Court in Amaravati. So, there may not be any real opposition to YS Jagan's decision. So, in all probability, the high court could very well be shifted to either Kurnool or Tirupati.

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