AP Govt Tells RGV to change the title of Kamma Rajyamlo

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Sensational Director, RGV's films constantly stir some or the other controversy. His previous films Vangaveeti and Lakshmi's NTR resulted in huge debates and backlash from people related to that film.

Particularly, Lakshmi's NTR did not go well with the then ruling TDP party and the party made sure that the film will not release during their regime.

RGV's current Flick Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu also sparkled a quick controversy from the time the film was announced. The film found itself again in news headlines.

The AP government has told the director to change the title of the film which could not be released there with cases filed in the High Court.

Advisor of Andhra Pradesh Government, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy wrote to the Regional officer of the Regional Board of Film Certification in Hyderabad to guide RGV to change the title of the film.

"The title and the poster suggests that there is a confrontation between two castes, and two trailers of the said film were released earlier to build up tempo and the teasers have raised much commotion," wrote Reddy.

"We request you to direct the concerned production house to change the title as it has caste-based overtones and civil society with social responsibility cannot accept such a title that has a direct reference to two castes," he observed.

"Without getting into the details of the film, the storyline, content and narrative, we firmly believe that such a title is not acceptable and it should be changed in the better interest of the society," he added.
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