AP Government Cancels the allotment of 'Assigned Lands'

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In a bold move, the Andhra Pradesh government has canceled the plots that were allotted by the CRDA under land pooling for people who have bought the assigned lands breaching the provisions of the capital city Amaravati.

These lands were gathered under the Land Pooling Act 2015 during the previous government. It has been reported that some of the leaders have brought the assigned lands which were allotted to Dalits and the poor countering the norms.

Later the CRDA has grabbed these lands for the land-use and allotted the lands for commercial and residential areas. The Prohibition of Transfer Act(POT) 1977 states that the purchase of assigned lands is illegal. Collecting the plots of assigned lands and making them plots is against the norm.


The previous government has opted to give 500 acres of residential land, 50 yards of commercial land, 500 yards of residential land and also 100 yards of the commercial plot for those who gave their lands for land pooling for the capital city.

The present cabinet has decided to cancel the allotment of the assigned plots. Following this, the Municipal Secretary-General J. Shyamala Rao issued an order to cancel the plots that were issued by the CRDA from those who purchased the assigned plots.
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