AP CM orders investigation on insider trading

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For the past six months, we have been hearing the word insider trading, the AP government on Monday decided to hold a discussion on this issue.

For the past six months, YSRCP leaders were saying that the TDP leaders have brought thousands of acres in Amaravati area. The new government has formed and the TDP and YCP leaders were arguing on the insider trading issue.

Finance minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy told in the assembly that TDP leaders had bought nearly 4000 acres of land in insider trading. The Finance minister has also handed over the details to the media.

On the first day of the special assembly session, the speaker has given the direction to the government, that the government should order an enquiry to get the facts out on insider trading. The chief minister immediately responded to the speaker's decision and announced there will be an investigation on the insider trading.
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