Jagan Has Fans In Israel Too

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AP Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy sure has fans worldwide. He has fans flocking to him wherever he goes. A large number of expat Telugus belonging to Armur in Nizamabad district met YS Jagan during his tour of Jerusalem in Israel. These expat Telugus belong to the Telangana NRI Association and are from Ankapur in Armoor mandal. One of them, Gangadhar of Ankapur has named his son YSR out of his love for the late leader. He told YS Jagan that he was a great fan of late YSR and that even while staying in far-off Israel, they continue to celebrate YSR's birth and death anniversaries regularly. Jagan thanked them for their love for YSR.

Among those who met YS Jagan were Thirupathi Goud, Prashant, Kaligot Charan and others. Even during his recent visit to the US, Jagan was mobbed by a large group of supporters from both the Telangana as well as the Andhra Pradesh. Many of those from the Telangana were benefited by the welfare schemes put in place by late YSR.