More Trouble For TDP: Court Lifts Stay Against Case On Chandrababu

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These are troubled times for Chandrababu Naidu. The stay on a case filed against Chandrababu by his step mother-in-law Nandamuri Laxmi Parvathy has been lifted. The case filed over allegations of ill-gotten wealth against Chandrababu Naidu was stayed for over 14 years. The High Court has now lifted the stay and directed that the case be investigated. This sensational news has left the TDP leaders shocked and benumbed.

Already the TDP is down in the dumps with just 23 seats and at least five more desertions would mean that Chandrababu Naidu would lose his leader of Opposition status. To add to his woes, Lokesh is not in a position to take reins from his dad. If he is made Leader of the Opposition, many TDP MLAs are all set to desert the party. How many will stay with him is the big question.

The lifting of the stay on Lakshmi Parvathy's complaint could not have come at a worse time for chandrababu Naidu. With this, he would lose his only plank to attack Jagan. He too would have to stand in the court and may even have to end up in jail. Though the pro-Telugu Desam media is trying to downplay this, Babu appearing before the court appears quite certain now.  Interestingly, two pro-TDP media houses have not even covered the development. Wonder why they lost their sense of objectivity while reporting!! After all, the case pertains to a former chief minister and a present leader of the opposition.
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