Is Pawan Selling Glass Tumbler For Rs 500?

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Generally, Politicians or Political Parties bribe voters to get their support during the elections. Pawan Kalyan, however, seems to be keen to collect money from all those who voted from him. Jana Sena Fund Raising Drive makes us believe so.

Naga Babu issued a video message appealing all those who support Jana Sena Party to donate generously so that the of Rs 100 crore party fund can be achieved. In 2019 Elections, JSP received 6.8 percent vote share and that means almost Rs 20 lakh people which include neutral voters backed this party. Jana Sena could achieve Rs 100 crore fund if all of these voters donate minimum Rs 500 each.

Shatagni shared the Bank Account details for allowing Jana Sainiks to make the donations. There is no doubt that hardcore fans of Powerstar who wish to take part in his mission won't hesitate to donate Rs 500 or whatever they could. How many people fit in this category matters the most. At the same time, You can't expect all the fans to make a donation. Anticipating that neutral voters who back Pawan in the recent elections to offer funding is like expecting too much.

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