A five-time MLA waiting to board RTC bus

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Politicians are always not corrupt, all the politicians don't spend money to get elected. Majority of the people believe that the politicians will be corrupt. Some politicians serve people and they will not spend money to get elected, they live like common people.

A politician was seen waiting to board an RTC bus, he was a five-time MLA, he was an independent candidate. He was elected from Yellandu. He defeated main political parties in the state and got elected as an MLA.

Gummadi Narsaiah who won is an Indian politician won as an independent candidate. He was elected five times, as an MLA from Yellandu constituent assembly. Yellandu is an ST reserved constituency. He was an MLA for Yellandu between 1983-1994 and 1999-2009, elected as an independent candidate. Narsaiah was defeated by the TDP  in 2009 assembly elections. In the year 2000 Narsaiah was a leader in a movement against rising electricity charges.
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