A father hired chopper to send his daughter to her in-laws house!

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Marriages are normally known as the occasions and events where two people, their families forge a bond for life. But these events have become costly as the brides and bridegrooms have bigger dreams to fulfill during these events.

Some turn into demands and some dreams just get lucky as parents go to that extra length to make them real for their daughters, majorly.

We see many fathers ending up losing lot of their savings and hard earned money as they send-off their daughters to their in-laws house in lavish fashion. We find them neck deep in loans but the parents just go that extra mile to fulfil dreams and traditions.

Anyways, a father who is a farmer in Rajasthan went abroad and worked all his life. His daughter always asked him to take her on plane with him and wished to fly in a plane.

He couldn't fulfill her dream till her marriage and on her marriage day, when he had to send-off, he booked a chopper to her in-laws house fulfilling her life long dream.

He left her in-laws and entire village shocked in awe with his act. The father is Mahendra Singh and he lives in a village in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan.
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