A Temple For Trump Garu

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Where does Donald Trump live? Of course, in White House, one would say. But, you ain't met Krishna alias Krish, a grocery seller from Bachannapet in Janagaon district. For him, Trump lives in his temple. This crazy fan has in fact constructed a temple for Donald Trump and performs poojas regularly. Not just that, Krish has also installed a bust of Donald Trump right in front of his house in the village and offers garlands every day. Locals  say he had even performed Abhishekam to Trump in his temple with his blood.

Krish likes Trump because of his plainspeak. He says Trump speaks his mind without inhibitions. Every day, Krish performs harathi to the ‘deity.'On coming to know about the temple, Donald Trump himself took to Twitter to thank Krish and told him that he would visit the temple soon. However, during his upcoming tour of India, Trump may not visit Bachannapet. But, Krish has not lost hope. He is trying to meet Trump somehow or the other.

Krish has installed a seven-feet tall statue of Trump in a blue suit and a red tie with his trademark style. Locals say that he performs Japams and homams in front of Trump's statue.
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