A Producer Ruined An Actress Career Says RGV

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Ram Gopal Varma after being a political and controversial, still gets respect and still finds people around his company because of his philosophy, Ramuism.

He always said that he believes in what he can understand logically and see with eyes. He doesn't want to follow everyone just because scooting along the popular is an easy thing.

He recently talked about blind beliefs and said that people who trust these don't earn any respect in his book.

He stated that he heard a producer calling a heroine, "Iron Leg" and asked that if that heroine's horoscope is that bad, then what about 200 others working on the film? What about the combined might of their positive energy to negate the negative energy that she can bring?

He said that he treats such people as criminals as they are killing a person's career and will to live with such harmful words.

He refrained from taking names but reassured that he doesn't believe in Astrology and Horoscopes, when Astronomy is really helping us to progress as Intelligent beings. He comments that people should start believing in themselves than "Luck"!
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