A Muslim Youth to Donate a huge Temple Bell for Ram Mandir?

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With its verdict on Ayodhya dispute, the apex court has settled the most disputed case between Hindus and Muslims which is creating sensation from the past 130 years. Supreme Court has ordered to set up Ayodhya Trust to oversee the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

The apex court also said that 5 acres of alternate land should be given for the construction of the mosque in Ayodhya.

The judgement was well received from all the classes in society. Reportedly, the Ram Mandir is going to have a prestigious temple bell, which has many specifications. A Muslim Youth named Iqbal is donating this temple bell. He is reportedly spending Rs 10 lakhs for this. Jalesar in Uttar Pradesh is making this temple bell.

Vikas Mittal, who is monitoring the construction work of Ram Mandir, said that this temple bell will reportedly weigh about 2100 kilos. The bell is being made with a mixture of many metals. 10 more such temple bells were also being made.

Mittal also revealed that the height of the temple bell will be around 6 feet. With the Supreme Court's verdict delivered in the favor of Hindus and the construction of Ram Mandir, the craftsmen are very happy as they will get plenty of work.
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