A Fifth-Generation Dynasty Has No Chance In Indian Politics

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Addressing the crowd in Kerala Ramachandra Guha said you people of Kerala have done many wonderful things for India, but one of the disasters you made is to elect Rahul Gandhi to the parliament

Ramachandra Guha made remarks on Rahul Gandhi and praised Prime Minister Modi. while addressing a crowd in Kerala, Ramachandra Guha said a fifth-generation of politics has no chance in Indian politics against the "hard-working and "self-made" Narendra Modi. The Kerala people did a disaster by electing Rahul Gandhi to parliament.

He further said that he doesn't have anything against Rahul Gandhi, he is decent and well mannered but young India does not want fifth-generation dynasty. If you Malayalis make a mistake in 2024 too, you are merely hending over an advantage to Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi is a great advantage and he has run the state for 15 years, has administrative experience. But even Rahul Gandhi is much more intelligent and hardworking, a fifth-generation will still be a disadvantage.  


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