858 Invalid Votes In Teachers MLC Seat Polling

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We all know illiterate people fumble while voting. They sometimes press the wrong button or may press the button more than once. They may get confused between similar looking symbols like car and tractor or fan and helicopter. At such times, it is the polling staff comes to their rescue. They, help the voters exercise their franchise properly. But, what if the educated and well informed teachers make a mistake while voting? What if they fumble and mess up things?

This has happened in the teachers constituency MLC elections. When the votes for the Nalgonda-Khammam-Warangal teachers MLC constituency votes were counted, there were as many as 858 invalid votes. The teachers are usually trained as to how to vote. But out of the total of 18885 votes, only 18027 votes were valid. Rest were invalid. If only a half of these 858 votes were valid, the counting of the second preference votes would not have been need. The candidate, Alugubelli Narsireddy would have won without going for the counting second preference votes.

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