8 Detained Telugu Students Plead Not Guilty

All the Eight Telugu Students who were detained by the US Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) for allegedly recruiting Students using Face University pleaded 'not guilty' when they were produced before the Federal Court in Michigan.

Phanideep Karnati (35) who is one of the eight recruiters obtained bail on a bond of $10,000. Rest of the seven recruiters (Barath Kakireddy of Florida, Suresh Kandala of Virginia, Prem Rampeesa of North Carolina, Santosh Sama of California, Aswanth Nune of Georgia,  Naveen Prathipati of Texas, Avinash Thakkallapally of Pennsylvania) were still in the custody. Mobile Phones of the eight people and Documents related to the visa fraud have been confiscated.

Passports of all the 130 detained students have been seized by the Immigration Officials.

Detained Students have only two options before them:

1) Securing Bail and leaving US by obtaining clearance from the Federal Court.

2) Remain in the US and proceed legally