79% Party Loyalists Want Tarak To Lead TDP!

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Ram Gopal Varma kept irking Telugu Desam Party with a series of tweets since the counting day. He now shifted focus to highlight Jr NTR as the saviour of TDP.

Varma opined people will forget the disastrous failure of TDP if Tarak takes over the reins of the party as the grandson of NTR. He even dared to say, NTR has to immediately save TDP from the backstabber and his son, who's front stabbing it now, if he has any respect for his Grandfather.

RGV conducted an Opinion Poll to know how many people feel NTR can alone bring back the lost glory of TDP. Posting that 79 percent of people favoured Jr, Varma passed the judgement that even TDP Loyalists want Young Tiger to take the responsibility.

The Filmmaker requested Tarak not to join Backstabber of his Grandfather like the way his Babai Balakrishna did. He added, 'What your Babai did is a bigger backstabbing to NTR than what his Son-in-Law did!'.
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